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Lowes Scratch & Dent Appliance deals, save up to 75% on appliances-YMMV+ FS-Rebates available /10% off Military everyday

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I had some private requests as to how to handle Lowes & get deals on appliances there, so I thought I would share. Usually Lowes puts out their Scratch & Dent merchandise in the morning, right about 8:00 AM in your local time zones. The hot days are Wednesday & Friday, Friday being the best day to clear out inventory. The store organizes it's backroom on the weekend, henceforth the friday thing. I usually strike up a general conversation with a rep and ask them what looks good today. They work there and should know what's up, normally.

Be mindful that you can talk to a manager & do even better off the price up 75% off or so on one item I got. The back of the one fridge I purchased had a big dent, so the manager agreed and took 75% off. There was also a rebate at the time which knocked it down another $100 & a government rebate of $50 so I ended up saving even more. I promptly place that fridge into the slot and it's unnoticeable now . You need to magnify the existing problem to the staff

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